The blessing of being a grandparent

Makes me want to go and give her a huge hug! Grandparents are true blessings and you both seem to have a great love for each other! 🥰❤

I miss my grandmother she is in heaven with the Lord.  Bless your soul for caring for your grandmother.  So much love. She will forever live in my heart. She was a real gem ♥️ No matter how much they drive you crazy sometimes, when they are gone you will wish for the crazy moments. 

Becoming a grandma or grandpa doesn't mean you're old, it means that you've been blessed with the most precious gift there is.

I never seen such unconditional love.  Didn't know it existed on Earth... Wow!  Beautiful ❤️ & inspirational!!!

Life is so short. Live, laugh, love those who are around you... while you still have time for memories are like a looking glass forever frozen in time.

Grandmothers are angels on earth. I still miss mine so much! She was one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life.

It’s a blessing to have your elders around All they want now is company and to know that they are loved. 

Such precious moments.  You will never regret spending this time with your grandmother 🤗❤️ Don't forget to talk with your grandparents about their childhood. Do the same with your Mom and Dad.  These are things that I failed to ask, and I truly regret not knowing.

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