I'm in control of myself, Silence is absolute power

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged.

Silence is absolute power. Our enemies don't know what we are thinking. They are left hanging and they will overthink. 

Silence is in fact much louder, and is felt much deeper than anything said. The more peaceful my life now and you can discover different aspects in life. Truth speaks volumes! I've learned just to remain quiet..don't want to follow in their ignorant ways ..and to think it's my family.

It's very peaceful that way. No drama from me! I'm in control of myself & want to keep things calm & simple. And then they try harder and harder to get under your skin until they exhaust themselves.

Not easy either, but so much more effective! It takes practice to not react but once you learn to not take it in, it's powerful .... And peaceful

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