You can’t buy Love or respect

 Life goes on with or without you but to the person I would learned to love will always be my love and will be kept inside the very bottom of my heart 💝

I don't like being surrounded by fake friends I only want to know people who care and give me respect.

I am too old to worry or stress myself about who likes me and who dislikes me. I've more important things to do. If u love me well and good, I love you too. If u support me, that's amazing, I support u too. If u hate me, Sorry, I don't care and I don't hate u. Life goes on with or without u.🥀

I don't care what you think. Life is too short to worry who loves me or who don't.

I do not worry or care what you think of me , Unless you think , I’m awesome in which case you’re right carry on ! 😀

You can’t buy Love or respect.If you love me, that’s great, if you don’t like me,.well I don’t care, but my age and this gray hair has earned respect. Anyway God Loves me Thank you God for loving me.

In this life people will love you and then there are the ones who don’t... cut your ties with  toxic folk and live well 

I don't care who like or dislike me ,as long as I don't  cause trouble to anyone ,I never force or beg mercy to any body to like me ,we got to live on our own natural way of life as I know younger peoples are not interested in the elderly peoples besides our own family.

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