Never look down on anybody

Remember that no matter how cool you think you may be, you are not cool enough to look down on anyone...ever. - PAUL WALKER

God's ultimate goal for our lives on earth is not comfort but character development. Be humble for it pays to be humble.

You get what you give. If you treat me with disrespect you will get the same disrespect back from me. There is a difference between being kind and being taken advantage of.

Being disrespectful & looking down on - two entirely different things!  But EVERYTHING is better when delivered kindly!  Hard to do at times, but so much more productive!

If there's seed of love planted deep In our heart it will grow, the tendency to Accept, understand things the way they are Are much higher then rejection & ignore.

Someone who really cares and love you

Be With Someone Who Always Wants To Know How Your Day Was.

Even if you knew what was planned for the day.. it's great to ask how it went... when you have someone who you know will ask how your day was.. even when you aren't with them, you feel like you are -Because as you go about your day you make mental notes to share with them later.. and this makes you feel like you're with them even when you aren't.

It’s not even about the day. It’s about wanting to share, just loving the sound of the other’s voice, and knowing you matter—that you’re a priority.  

There is no doubt with someone who wants to take good care of yourself and proud of yourself all time this is an extremely important point.

Asks this question all the time, means to me its call CARING! He Cares for you and it means a lot to me because there's someone there aside from GOD, Cares for me and I do appreciate it. 

To be honest - A good relation that lasts forever is basically based on love , respect and comprehension ,but not on just asking your partner how was your day.

Someone who really cares and love you not what you have in life someone who is trustworthy because now a days it’s very rare to find an honest partner.