Money is not as important as your family

I Always Wanted To Win The Lottery. But Tonight I Looked Around At My Beautiful Family & Realize I Already Have!

People can be rich in material goods, but very lacking in spiritual matters. I feel that I am so rich because I have a God who takes care of me. I have so many blessings that overwhelm me at times, and my heart goes out to those who are less fortunate. God bless these folks.

Me and my family have been blessed. I pray for the homeless whoever they and especially those who have children. And the older ones. I know there are many who could probably find some kind of job. But it's still sad.

Happiness does not come from having all that you want, it's from enjoying all that you have. Your sense of security does not come from certainty but from how much uncertainty you can feel comfortable with. 

I love my family with all my heart and soul thanks for my beauitful family know one could not ever going to take that away.

Money is not as important as your family and health. You can't buy health and remember you can't take it with you when you go.
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