Time always change, Have faith and confidence

Don't stress yourself too much because Nothing is permanent no matter how bad the situation is. it will change. I have experienced this, I have seen, in life good time and bad time comes simultaneously. So stay brave with faith on God, then you will see none is permament but don't loose your faith on God and yourself.
Life is beautiful if we know how to handle any situation. Nobady can't help. You can stand up your own ideas. You can't beg any one you can try yourself. You can believe your strength.

I believe time always change so have faith & confidence 😊
I do believe that every bad  has a super hand to get a fine new dawn. I encourage others never to be depressed if they suffer from any anxiety. Have walked on this road before.  My light must shine for and on others to cross to the side of sanity.

Needs patience! Everything is happening for a purpose. God make a way when seems no way l believe. I'm always praying that life will be better for me this year 2020.