Being Rich of Heart

Keep your heart connected to the Almighty at all times. Do not attach your heart to those who lead a sinful life for you might one day find yourself in deep regret. It’s so important to choose your friends wisely because knowingly or unknowingly they can make a huge difference to your life. Take heed!

Because your character is what you are as a person.We should treat others the way we also want to be treated .💖 Treat people on a nice way even you are rich or poor. In the eyes of God we are all equal. 

Seek Almighty for guidance of heart.  And seek forgiveness with Almighty as well.  The wrong actions can cause the heart to become hardened.  When the heart is bad,  then all is bad.  When the heart is good, then all is good.  May Almighty guide and protect our hearts. The heart is the leading key in our lives ❤️ 

May God purify our intentions and help us to truly want whats best for others. 

May God, allow us to overcome our jealousy, greed, hate and selfishness. Help our hearts to heal from any past pain so we don’t intentionally or unintentionally hurt the people around us. Aameen.

What we have in the inside far more important than the exterior. What you carry in your heart is the most beautiful. It will shine. That is all you need to make the right Pearson happy if you are only wanted for your money and wealth then those kind of people are not worth knowing. Doesn't matter what you look like in my book, it's the heart that tells it all!🥰💖 Our hearts must genuinely reach out to all those who we encounter every day of our life. Always have a kind heart for everyone! Life will be so much better!

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