A strong word woman just moves on

A strong woman doesn't seek revenge: A strong woman never wishes for revenge but a change in the hearts and souls of others.

Some of us have been torn and ripped apart by storms but put ourselves together again as you can see and start off again.
Each time you go through a storm, it does make you stronger!!! Been through many of storms but I made it by the Grace of God

I have been walking through storms since childhood. Not right, but its made me strong, street smart, and taught me common sense.

Yes indeed I'm one of the strong women I have walked through some really strong and real tough storms I have not only walked thru them I have dealt with them I for one am  a warrior a survivor I came out way ahead of my storms

I don't want Karma for "them"
I pray that their own personal lives are filled all of life's blessings so they may move forward & not worry about others people's business. Prayers­čÖĆ

A strong woman doesn’t believe in “karma” or revenge. She believes in forgiveness and the strength of moving forward with no intentions of ill-will or happiness at ANYONE’S struggles.

Karma will always give a person what they deserve!  ALWAYS!!!  It's up to us to use our talents to succeed in OUR lives. Never mind trying to pay someone back for anything they may have done to you. They actually do themselves in.  We don't have to!  
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