Strong Woman Doesn't Seek Revenge

Karma sounds so sweet I prefer God's justice seen it in action many times. Karma always comes... Sometimes it's a bit too slow.

Trying hard until you succeed. I am true and honest to myself. I did not give up until good results is done or accomplished. I love, trust and faith on God. Work hard and faith in God success will prevail. That's my life. God help us. God loves us.  Thank you God for granting strong and healthy and from any sickness. God bless us. Amen. 🙏🏼♥️

Exactly nothing is secretly be forever it will come out  when the time is enough.if they think that's the best to do let them. Enjoy now and suffer what they done. it will 10 times worse back to those who hurt u most and I believed in karma. I trust it..

A strong woman neither seeks revenge nor hopes for "karma", because she understands that she needs the same grace for her misdeeds and missteps in life that a lesser woman would want to deny another.

Karma. Karma .What goes around comes around. Keep your circle positive. Speak good words. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds.

It's not about thinking about karma. The whole point of moving forward is to have that peace of mind that despite what's happened all will be okay eventually. The only way that will happen is positive thoughts and forgiving those who hurt you.

I try my best to be a good and humble to every one.thanks god for because I'm strong hard life but I always pray to God to help me.

No I will never hurt anyone.  If  I am in a relationship and it does not work I will just walk away. I can alway find someone who will love me.

Revenge will not do anything good. Focus on your goal in life and live to the fullest and enjoy.

What’s the difference in seeking revenge and waiting for karma? Revenge is a physical action, karma is passive aggression. Waiting for karma to happen will give you anxiety and worry will keep you in chains. Forget karma, if it happens.. great, if it doesn’t.. great! Just move on period, you’ll be a lot happier and you’ll be free!!
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