let the sun hit my face, Sunshine puts a smile on my face

I just want to lay down on a beach, let the sun hit my face, and forget about absolutely everything.

I leave it all in the hands of god! Let go,let god do the rest! Enjoy life and take care of your health,without it can’t enjoy anything!

Money doesn't always bring us happiness. It is the little things in life that matter more.
Money for me is not about me but the desire to bless others.

God have richness for me,  I want it. The Word is right Money is just an exchange from one hand to another...The true happiness is God....Make Him your first priority.

Money can buy anything that we want..but barely what we really need. But it can't buy the happiness that we want to achieve. There are wealthy people who are still not satisfied with what they possessed. As if something is lacking in their life. Yes we have to be content with what we have. And thank God for his blessings on you.

Money can't buy you happiness, put your life in God's hands and you will be happy.

I think that's all we all anything we all want is just to be happy and to be loved and just to be treated right but mostly to be with our loved ones in our friends and our family I think that means more to a lot of people than anything in the world I'd rather be poor and have my family and my friends especially my family. 

I just want to live my life knowing I pleased only One, God. Then this life journey I may have peace & joy.
I'm Lucky enough to be able to do this anytime living close to many of Newquays beautiful beaches.

I believe this is a must each day, great way to relax, let your mind and soul rest.
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