Traits of Bad Bosses and Employees

People don't leave bad jobs. They leave because of bad bosses, poor management, who don't appreciate their value. I agree 100%. Problems within companies flow down not up. Really bad management can be found everywhere and at all levels!

They didn't appreciate my hard work and dedication. No, they appreciated someone who called out sick every month.

I have had bad bosses and all you have to do is work around them. I stayed and worked hard till they made me a manager.  I saw my job as working for all solving problems for everyone.  It's really how you look at your job...a boss is not someone that bosses folks around..a boss helps you be the best you can be.

Some people are so unhappy with their own lives that they try to make yours miserable too to make themselves feel better. I try to stay quiet in my own cubicle and say as little as possible. I go to work to get paid and that’s it. There’s rude people everywhere you go nowadays you’re eventually going to feel unappreciated no matter where you work.

Now Let's See The Other Side :) :

Do the job you were hired to do, listen and follow directions! Be on time, look decent, be respectful of your boss and co-workers. Don’t stand around with your hands in your pockets because there is always something to do including cleaning bathrooms & sweeping the floors. Be thankful for the job!!
There are also people that don't want to work.   Don't want to follow directions.  Don't want to show up when scheduled.  Don't want to do a little bit extra.  No amount of appreciation will change these people.  It isn't always the bosses.  It can be the team member, too.  High fives and gold stars don't always put cash into the register, but hard work does!!!
There are too many employees who damper this message because of their clear lack of accountability and poor work ethic. This wasnt meant for them. It is for those who find themselves doing more and picking up when others fail or fall. When the extra mile becomes your new regular whereas the slackers and supervisers grow to depend on you to balance the objectives. Eventually it becomes an emotional burden to enable others and blindly devote more of yourself than the job is worth. Unless you are able to lower your output to match the position and your peers the frustration will mount until something changes. Some can gear it back and stay in pace with the pack and pay but those of us who appreciate the purpose and take pride in being productive will move forward. Forward as far as the company is willing to allow. I hipe I am not alone in feeling as though the company or management have the opportunity in a lot of cases to level the field by identifying and encouraging producers as well as the slackers. So if the value of an employee is the same for both and for all, the message is for those who actually excel in a group and do so because it is who they are and if they're under appreciated they'll know who they are.

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