I'm not perfect, Love me or not

I have a heart of gold and people take advantage of me to certain point I just want to explode and blow off. I'm so tired of doing everything around the house and no help but they want me to do more for them. I need to put my foot down. I'm so tired of doing to others and have no respect towards me and like they can say anything towards me.

Too bad the world is not that way.Even your family forgets you and will never help you or show you the love you showed them. God help us!

I dont care what people are saying about you if i love you i will stand with you.

We all have history in love and some r really strong and other r rebounds from the ones were what u thought were real and the real ones still r in your heart!!

I love making people laugh and happy even at my expense with my wording & crazy things I do but that's ok my family's & friends ❤ love me & they show it no Questions in my heart of gold 💛