People make time for who they want to make time for

Well, is it ok to just tell somebody that you don't want to be around the truth and hurt their feelings? I say I am to busy, but sometimes we your just not in the mood to deal with some people!

This is so true. It takes 10 seconds to send a text. I live by this rule and have learned to cut people off. I am tired of their excuses. No one is ever that busy. People always make time for what they want.

Negative.  Sometimes people ARE that busy because of obligations.  If you have the attitude that they only care if they get back to you right away, you may need to check your motives.  Perhaps you are being too demanding and not understanding the struggles of your friends and loved ones.

Those  are  all  excuses  that  people  have  for  themselves  I  don't  believe  any  of  it  it  doesn't  take  anything  to  call  someone  or  text  someone  there  just  very  selfish  people.

Absolutely they think we are stupid to believe anything we are told. Their phones are in their hands twenty four seven. Never mind they have to sleep at night I'm fine I'm over it.

Not so true at all ,because sometimes we are so busy with our work that even to ourselves we have no time at all...but I trying my best to communicate with my family & true friends.

It takes a few seconds do to reply to someone's text being too busy is no excuse even if u just text and say really busy now text ya later.

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