Nobody is too busy, its just a matter of priorities

🙌 Action speak louder than words!
Wow this Quote Is exactly how I feel about one particular person.
People make time for who they want to make time for. Yes, hard lesson to accept.  Do it soon or it will destroy you.
There want to be around you only when there is something to get otherwise you a no body I hate people who think that way special family members it's suppose to be about love not give me give me
Sometimes there are circumstances that prevent this, otherwise I agree.
Yeah, no matter how busy you are.and a simple hello would make me happy. Sometimes this is valid and people are busy but usually not... they can respond if it is important and if YOU are important to them. If one is truly busy, your mind can be so focused on what you're doing you lose track of time and that is when you miss the calls and texts.

Some people are really busy. Some things can't be helped!  Making them feel guilty about it is selfish.

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