My Wife My Forever Friend

Very true for me. She has also made me upset and made me cry, but what marriage doesn't have their problems! But no matter what, I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the world!💑

My wife was my sole mate my best friend my everything sadly no longer here she died last year breaking my heart miss her so much.

As described in Saying i've the same type of wife I had , maybe as she was such a good person , mother and wife God needed one Angel in heaven and took her , I loved her , still do and forever will.  RIP. 🙏❤️💙

nothing lasts forever  - cherish her while sh's with you <3 My marriage was strong and perfect enough for me until one day on her way to work she ran a red light and didn't survive. simple as that. The flowers are blooming again and I can breath easier most days. May your marriages be blessed and deeply satisfying. Remain an individual in some ways you never know when you might have to stand on your own.

She'll always be here, in my heart. But honestly, like most living things, they die. And don't think you can prepare for it because you can't.
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