What Goes Around Comes Around

I try to make people smile and laugh.I rather make a friend than an enemy.seems if I do make an enemy I know how to make them laugh out loud.but it requires talent and patience.

It SHOULDN'T  be about if you might need them at a later date. Treating someone right will always be the correct thing to do! Kindness and thoughtfulness would do a lot to help make this world a better place for everyone!!

Please enjoy every minute with your loved. Spend as much time with them.

Help us always to show your Love and our Love to Family and Friends! Thank You God for your Love and Care! Amen!!

Be careful how you treat people and what you say to them especially children it can hurt for life.

If people would treat everyone they encounter with kindness they wouldn't have to worry about this . it takes no effort to be polite and kind !! I know it's frustrating when people are rude regardless but stay humble life will have a way of humbling them someday !!💞

If someone helped you along the way don't forget it, don't ignore it. Remember it....always.

I would like to think good always wins,but that isn't true.

Well you will be waiting forever there is no such thing as karma. No I do believe what goes round comes round.

Karma works, may take a while.

No matter how much someone love you and care for you get tired you can't always take them for granted you can't always ignored them hurt them and break them and expect them to stay.people get tired. Don't use their kindness and love against them. Save them appreciate them give them reason to stay show them the love they deserve such people are hard to come by so you're lucky to have. 

Be wise in choosing with friends ...but be gentle in changing your friends ...

By the way I don't believe in Karma! I believe in God! he's The only one that knows the future!

Don't depend on karma...it takes far to long! Just be nice to others because it's the right thing to do...!!

Always and Forever You get what you put out there.

 Karma is not just for your enemies. It is a natural occurance of reaping of what you have sown. No one escapes reaping. Karma reveals the beauty of grace.
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