Same Friend in all stages of life

This is such a remarkable picture saying Good friendship is priceless, when you find a good friend, cherish it. Remember there is no friend like an old friend.

I wanna thanks my all friends for always being there and never leaving ..❤ I don't say it as often as I should but you're truly the best!!!💛 Lucky to have you as my best friend ever since childhood ❤️

I have a few that are true and very loyal. I'm really thankful for those GOD given friends. You know who you are. Thank you.

But in reality it is so difficult to keep all friends in your life because circumstances of the life change with days  there are some friends meet them in school or university after they had finished our study we leave them although great relationship between them some friends get married and travel abroad then leave us it mean we grow friend in every stage of life where we go but circumstances impose to be away from your friends at the end  their is nothing stay in it is case untill life will finish some day.