I want peace and people who love me

if you are poor ,money seems to be  the answer! If you are rich ,you maybe have tried to buy happiness but it did not work! To be happy is not how much money you have but to find a balance in life !

I want to do the things i want to do with the person i love. I want human to find out real meanings by paying attention to spirituality of humanity. I want the goodness of everyone, me, the people i care about. And i want the welfare of humanity that humanity deserves.

People now days dont know how to love. They think they have to know your busness. So they can get together and talk about you.

True but making enough money to have the basics makes life do much easier. When your rich it can by happiness and it can also cause more problems. I always said I wanted enough money to live comfertablely without worrying where money is coming from for bills and food. Most relationships fights are because of lack of money. Ironically it can be from having to much money as well. Lmao
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