Handmade Present

If someone gives you a handmade present. They are not being CHEAP. Consider the time they spent finding the materials and making you a unique and special gift. They did it because they LOVE YOU.

The time - and finding the time to accomplish this expression of love - should only be for those who can appreciate all that went into it. One who has given handmade gifts are the best recipients of them, too, because they can appreciate all that went into it - not to mention choosing the special item for that person it is for!

Sometimes homemade gifts are actually more money! That doesn't just include the material used to make it but the entire thought process and time it makes is priceless!!

If the receiver thinks it is being cheap, they are not worthy of receiving your work.

I personally treasure and love getting hand made gifts.

I have given plenty away,  some of which I have never seen worn.   Sad.

I'm a Scrap-Booker.  I make cards for people.  Sometimes they look at them funny b/c it's not just a folded piece of cardboard.  I often wonder if they ever think about how much time I put into those cards.

Please, please, take note of this, I have worked on the projects with great hopes, only to watch it thrown aside. Feels pretty bad then. Then I wish I hadn't even tried.
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