Having the door held open, Nice gesture and appreciated

Are there any females left that will say "Thank You" when somebody holds the door open for you? Are you one of them?

Depends on which door. Exit door or welcome door.
Sure do it's only manners to say thank you and when   you walk in front of someone to say excuse me the same as please and thank you it dose not cost you anything just good manners.

I always say thank you. And also say you're welcome when I hold door open for someone and they don't say than you.  LoL

I always say thank you. And I also hold doors for others.  I love when a young child, boy or girl, holds a door for their parent and then waits for me too.

Absolutely! I appreciate when someone takes a moment to show kindness. Thank you, please, I appreciate you, you're important, if we just said these things to people on daily basis perhaps part of the world would change!