More people should be like penguins

Penguins only have one partner throughout their entire life and often "propose" by giving their mate a pebble.

My husband always finds pebbles on the beach for me and I still have them. He is my penguin... ❤

That's why occasionally one jumps off the ice in front of a seal.......😂

If  men  gave  their  woman  a pebble,  maybe  they  would experience  a  better  and permanent  life  together.  It  always  amuses  me  when  a  man  gives  his  fiancée  an  expensive  diamond  ring.    The  more  expensive  the  diamond  ring,  the  shorter  the  time  they  will  be  together,  it  seems.

I had a partner my entire life, my wife, just like a penguin.

A woman, a child, an animal, all worthy of unconditional love by reason of their existence. A man, only under the condition that he provide.