Money without a great loving companion is nothing at all

I never cared about the material things a man could give me. I care about his time, attention, honesty, loyalty and effort. Those gifts mean more to me than money can buy.

When you are no longer here on this earth  you cannot take material things With you !!  They are not riches in life !!  Having a genuine real honest pure caring and loving connection !! Someone who will have your back !! Someone who cares and loves you just for you , flaws and all !! Someone to laugh 😂 With and be silly 😜 With sometimes , and make incredible memories with !! Be each other’s best friend !! And take time to listen to each other , not to fix necessary fix  but just be there . And enjoy each other’s company and make every moment count !! Now to me they are the riches in life  not what money you have or things it’s making a lifetime of fabulous memories . If and when you are with someone .  The rest is irrelevant .

Mine used to be all that, he's still honest and loyal, but he doesnt put forth the effort anymore, i dont feel loved anymore, i do all the thinking, and physical appearance of our relationship.  Its like we're on autopilot... its probably time to end things.

Money is nice to have but cant buy love or a great relationship Having a caring man that cares makes it in my book,a man who can be honest,not lie means more to me just saying.

Material things would be nice. They show you care. I want dates with long talks. I care most how he makes me feel about myself. Is he there when I need him. Does he text back.  calls me. Makes me feel wanted and needed.

This is how I feel and always felt.  Ive never cared about what a person has or doesn't have.  If I really care and love them, and they are a good person, that's all I want..... I think you just read my heart. All i need is attention, love, honesty loyalty, transparency and respect, not the material things...... but unfortunate i have no one to hive me all these. Money without a great loving companion is nothing at all...but having a good man with occasional dates and love is everything. Very true. I could care less about material things. I don’t have anything material that I care about. Nothing important anyone would want. I had the best we were good for each other. Money was not Important to me.
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