Life is to short Don't need to impress anybody

I have learned that you have to take care of yourself because no one else will.

I am who I am, and I am  very happy with myself, and my life. I'm  not here to please anyone else!

I always cared to much, and I could never achieve the image,so I’m stuck and so is everyone else with my image, don’t like don’t care.

I have reached a point in my life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try to impress anyone. If they like me the way I am good, and if not it’s their loss.

I only treasure friends who love and likes me for who I am and not those who care for me when it benefits them.

Life is to short don't need to impress anybody what you see is what you get.

It took me many years of hard learned lessons to get to this realization.

Just be yourself if they like me that's good if not let it be no sweat off my back 👍 I never tried to impress anyone, just did my best everyday.

Too right. People should appreciate who you are Not what you can do for them.

I have reached a point in my life where I am fed up of people picking fault with me and not looking to their own failings that what they believe is always right, never no thanks or appreciation or help for things done or given them, also never no help forthcoming when the situation is reversed, If they don't like me the way I am tough, I am too long in the tooth now to worry or care, that's their loss.
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