Some Friendships Never Fade

I love the friends that you don't see for days, weeks or months and the bond is still as strong as ever.

We promised as teens to always check on each other. I hope to visit soon. Its a blessing to have known you so long and still love you.

I have a great friend that I haven't seen in years hope we can get together and talk about the old and be great friends again.

Calling friends and receiving response is the best medicine for some long friends. Others simply do not respond due to their mind situation. You got their phone numbers, call endless times until their phones are either changed, disconnected or do not want disturbance or visits for health reasons.

Distance is not a hindrance at all!  Thank you so much for the technology.  Facebook, Messenger, etc......
We can talk, text and/or messages, or video call,  to each other, so easy now a days!  Awesome!

 So True, some friendships never fade,you always keep them tucked away in your Heart.You never forget them.I will always Love the the ones I have.

Well I'm one hundreds percent believe in this as I have two grreat mates we see each other a few times a year but now and then we have a catch up and it's like being back in school fudging brilliant wouldn't swap them for anything.

True friends are with you thick and thin; They cry through your bad times, and celebrate your wins.
You can always find them right there by your side; Holding you up, rejoicing with pride. This bond is forever, unbreakable and tough;
For this friendship can only be called one thing…love.

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