Real friends are Always there no matter what

 In difficult times, true friends tell you the truth. In happy times, true friends celebrate with you. In sad times, true friends are by your side.

"True Friends Are Like Diamonds Precious And Rare False Friends Are Like Autumn Leaves Found Everywhere." 

Real friends are Always there no matter what happens in their lives. I will always be there for them & vise versa. ❤️ 

But it doesn't necessarily mean they are not the real ones. It could also be You : You have grown emotionally, mentally and spiritually and that is why you have grown apart. That's Life

And sometimes the people you thought were your good friends really aren’t and you are left with no one.

Let us all be strong... Friends today gone tomorrow...especially when you have nothing more...friends in words not in deeds.

You do lose them. Some move away. Some marry have children. Others single. Reach different stages in life that set you apart.

Somepeople take longer  to realize  who there  friends are and some it happens right away.

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