It is hard to be strong all the time

Yes, I am a strong person, but every now and then I also need someone to take my hand and say everything wilI be alright.

We all need a Little Support and love. Sometimes it's hard to be Strong all the time but when you must You must. We need an encouragement at times. We all need each other. That's true sometimes you need reasurrance.

You can't always be strong but with the help of God he will take our hand and will be strong for us.

It is hard to be strong all the time! With God being a big part of my life, I know He always has my hand showing me the way.

Being strong can be exhausting! That is why every once in a while I need that someone!!

Sometimes I'm stronger than I  thought,  and sometimes  I'm weaker than I would like to be.

You are strong and independent does not mean you do not need people I need approval.

Knowing that everything will be okay and that everything is temporary either good or bad. Also if someone needs to talk for support and understanding there is strength in numbers find people who love and support you that is strong. its nice to hear them words anyway no matter how strong we try to be amen.

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