Family is first and foremost

Family is always family well have our disagreements but were there always for each other. Thanks to our Lord.

It's not perfect, yet there is always the love, care and bonding if we are willing. Don't Pride roles over you or you missed the fellowship tight relationship with each other.

All the time family is first and foremost. At the end of the day, it is family where we run to and get the love, care and support we need. It is seldom that family will turn its back on a family member. God bless all families.

My family is my treasure despite of imperfection we still a family because God binds us in His everlasting love.Amen.

I love and thank God for all of my family and I am very consistent and diligent in my daily routine don’t have time for mood swing and not talking to any of my family I’m always available to talk to any of my family as long as they want to go to work with me because that’s where I’ll be every day praise the Lord and that’s where I am Every day and that’s where I have been every day basically generally speaking all of my life praise the Lord amen

No one is perfect in this world only God. He love us unconditionally Thank you Lord for loving my family especially my children Amen.

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