Walk the life I'm living

 I have travelled into rough road.  But I was able to cross that road.  Here I am now still standing.  Thank you to the people who had been with me through thick and thin.  God bless us all. 

People always think that the other person's life is a cakewalk! If you think it's that easy, try living my life for sometime and only then be the judge!

I never judge a man till I have walked a mile in his shoes. That way if I don't like him I am a mile away and he doesn't have any shoes on.

When people start judging me ,I tell them walk in my shoes and then tell me he you feel ,you wouldn't judge me then. 

It takes someone special who does not judge others. Rare in fact. Life's journeys are tough on some and seems lighter on others. No matter. Just be kind and gentle to each other. That's the best walk of life.

Before you judge someone else stop and think about all that God has forgiven you for !!

When people try to be in the shoes of others, they will come to realize how difficult the situation is. For sure, amazed and shocked how the person has survived from such challenge. From there, he would even salute the courage and strength of the person who struggled from such situation❤️

We never know what others are really feeling or going through so we should not judge.

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