Respect Yourself and Cutting Negative Poeple Out Of Life

 Cutting negative people out of your life doesn't mean you hate them, it just means you respect yourself.

Don’t worry about people liking you. You should know by now that they’re a hard lot to please. Nothing is good enough for them. So don’t stress over this. You liking yourself is what matters. That’s your milestone. People liking you is a bonus. Get your priorities right.

I can’t compromise my respect for your love ,you can keep your love , I will keep my respect !!

Focus on doing good words and actions for Almighty.  When Almighty loves you then keep in mind that the ones in heaven and the good people on earth will love you as well.   One of our purpose in this world is to attain the love of Almighty. We should make that our priority.  Remember Almighty give us sustenance and provision, and those other people that you stress could careless.