Blessings are coming, Stay Strong

 Your angel is saying to you; "Stay strong and believe in miracles. Your blessings are coming. Claim it with faith." Amen.

Thank you Lord for all of my blessings, protecting me and my children. I claim many more blessings for my family. 

Thank you Lord for all of my wonderful blessings. When I speak to you, you always answer. In The Lords name Amen

I'm greatful & appreciate all you do - I thank you for giving me a new breath of life each day - I thank you for all the blessings yet to come- & thank you for answering my prayers in your time & I do stay strong & have faith in miracles- thank you God- & not only for all you do for me but thank you for all you do for everyone else in the world that I don't know- thank you for answering there prayers & blessing them & giving all them another breath of life - thank you God for being so amazing- Amen

I claim it in faith whole heartedly God.  Thank you God for everything you do for me. I received this in the way it was given in Almighty name.

Thank you God for all the protection over my family. Be with families that have lost love ones to COVID. Wrap your loving arms around them.

Lord, Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Please place your healing hands on me and bring my body back to health. Dear Guardian Angel, Please stay with me & keep me strong as I wait for the Lord's healing powers.  AMEN!🙏

Thank you Lord for not abandoning me in my sorrow and time of need. I have faith. Bless me to be strong and healthy. Thank you God for watching over me and helping me get through my pain.

Thank you God for keep me and my beautiful family especialy my derest friends healthy. Keep us safe.Amen💓🙏

Thank you Lord for the gift of life yes,! I believe in meracles an thank you for for all the blessing I have and I claim the blessing that comes with strong faith.

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