Never judge a person by appearance

Inner beauty is the most important for us without inner beauty the soul cannot be pure. Inner beaute defines you. Physical does not define an person. Beauty lies in the eye of beholder.

Beauty isn't about having a pretty face it's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and a pretty soul.

When we are all blind, we will not judge with our eye. Until then…it will be a struggle not to judge with our eyes first.

A persons heart and soul are much more beautiful than a persons face. The only people who judge are self centered , pay them no attention.

Definitely the best part is the beautiful mind, heart and soul 🙏 Always 🥰 The body is only the covering for the soul that’s where the true Beauty needs to be! Beauty fades but good character remains in the heart of others. 

Having a beauty in and out matters alot.Some people are not facially beautiful but their character is wonderful.They are of a beautiful soul and of a beautiful mind.

The perception of beauty is different in everyone's eyes. For majority of people, beauty means, good looks. No doubt that good looking and attractive personalities pull everyone towards them like a magnet but this is only the physical aspect of it. What people fail to see is that a person should be beautiful inside out. A good looking person can be ugly from inside and that's where it pinches. And what do we exactly mean by inner beauty? Inner beauty consists of ethics and values like love, care, affection, kindness, helpfulness,  sympathy and compassion among others. External beauty is short lived but inner beauty is eternal.

If you want beauty and goodness in people, see yourself as good and beautiful ever. Beauty is not an appearance, it will vanish through times but what remains is that beauty of ideas, perceptions, souls and treatments or actions. Nothing is more beautiful than having good beliefs, deeds and love to others. People see in you good behaviour and character because being beautiful physically , attractive and handsome but your character and treatment to others is bad, thus your beauty is invaluable. However, if you get cool and calm by treating others politely and gently, your beauty is obvious and recognised strongly ever.

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