Be with someone who feel like you're the best person in their lives

 It better to be with poeple who always value you and are ready to stand with you no matter what specially your family.

I'm being taught this one against my will but it's true. We all deserve to be with someone who fully accepts, understands, and loves us enough to fight for us when dark times come.

Standing alone is better than being around people who don't value you.

... lots of people don't value your feelings,

your sacrifices, and your effort! Just because you care too much for them so they're taking you for granted because they know you will always be there for them.

And that's the truth!  Most of the time they have no value for themselves so they use you as their dumping ground.  Once you are able to stand up straight and alone it is like a new found independence ... Then they really begin to resent you.

I would love my self enough to place high value on my self  because because God placed high value on me. We don't need people in our life who do value us. They don't deserve our attention. They don't deserve you!

Now a days there is no assurance of being valued by the one you love. People change . and be ready for what will happen.

Can feel like your standing alone, in a crowd, only need one truly caring friend who makes you feel that your special and not alone. Somtimes we fight that loneliness in all the wrong places.

Living with someone who does'nt value you will continuously hurt you again and again and it's better to be alone and get yourself back until you find someone who will value you. 

I can't be bothered whether people value me or not. I know who I am and I know GOD loves and values me

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