Kind people who make you happy

The older you get, the more you realize you have no desire for drama, conflict or stress. You just want a cozy home, food on the table and be surrounded by kind people who make you happy.

I'm grateful and blessed for getting into my age, and i'm so very thankful for this.. Happy that I have my children who love me so much, and a true friends and relatives that they concern about me, loving me as well.. priceless, matters indeed.. It’s like that every night and every day at my house I have the most happy loving family thank you God.

I am grateful for my life.And I would like to wish good life and happiness for other people. Be with those who can give you happiness and a good life. Life is indeed very short. All the best.

As we get older what we want is just simple life for as long as we have with us true friends and people who truely love us.

But life isn't that easy or should it be. Success comes with ups and downs along with perseverance attached to the goals you seek...🙂

Doesn't seem a lot to wish for.  There are so many people for whom this is a unachievable.  Remember them always and especially this Season.  Every once in a while, I get to preach!!😊

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