A new Chapter, A New Beginning

Every day is a new beginning.Take a deep breath and start again. God woke you up for a reason. Trust in His plan, His timing is perfect. He will make a way.

I hope God will do a perfect timing for me and I patiently wait for it. Dear Lord I need that stress to leave my life. I need your comforting presence. I believe in your power to heal.  I am humbled to be receiving a blessing from you that will alleviate a major stress in my life, God. Thank you.

Thank you lord for always guiding and protecting us from danger thank you for the gift of life and waking me up. 

Remember! Good things come, to those who wait. I’ll say a prayer for you. Not saying it’ll work. Keep smiling and remember, Martin and I are here for you. 

Thank You Lord for giving me a chance to wake up each and every morning. Glory to You Almighty creator. He will make a way where seam to be no way in my life. His timing is perfect, he will make a way.🙏🏻

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