Mend My Broken Heart


Everyone deserves a person who can make their heart forget it was ever broken.

Finding someone like that is so special. Make sure you let that person know you appreciate them in your life. Enjoy their company like it’s the last time you will see each other. Love them with all you got. Make them feel like the special person they truly are. Because they are hard to find.

A person that truly loves you will care how their words and actions impact your heart.  They will prevent themselves from breaking your heart.  A person that deserves you will respect and appreciate you.   Don't let anyone treat you bad, especially if they break your heart, and do nothing to resolve your hurt. 

Never settle for anything less. Know your worth & own it! We all go through difficult times in relationships... learn, grow from them and love.

My prayer is that God brings this person my way some day.  God's timing is the best.

Your broken heart should be mended before you bring someone else into your life. This is a huge reason do many relationships fail. Stop jumping from person to person and heal yourself! That way the next person gets the real authentic you filled with self love!

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