My hope in raising my son

I love my son with all of my heart & soul to the moon & back forever & always.

I love my son with all my heart. He is my best friend, always there when I need him, what a treasure!

My son is my best friend and it is extra special because he also respects me as well l love him so much because sometimes he also have to be my shoulder.

My Son is defiantly my whole world, he is always there for me and I will always be there for him as well.

I hope my son is never the reason someone's daughter is questioning her Worth. 
And goes the same for the daughters too to respect and appreciate my son. I dedicated my life to raise a gentleman. And I know a lot of mothers have done the same with their sons. We want daughters to respect and appreciate our sons too. 

May we teach our son's to respect and appreciate someone's daughter.  
May he be such a good man that people will see that he was raised well and see that this man will never harm their daughter. 
He will greatly value her, never make her feel worthless. May your daughter's be taught to respect and appreciate such a man so that he feels the same in return. May we also teach our children that they respect and appreciate whoever their partner is.

It's my hope in raising my son. I love seeing my son being a loving husband and son. I like & love him alot... he's a good man.
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