Remind yourself, Everything is temporary

Remind yourself that everything is temporary; nothing lasts. You’re on a journey. Quit stressing over everything that happens. Let the Almighty take over after you’ve done your best! 

As everything is temporary, so is our tests in life.  How we treat others, what we do when we see injustice, do we enjoin doing good.  All these are chances for people to make the best of their life.  If you make a mistake, seek forgiveness.   The goal is live this temporary life well, so that the Eternal abode is best.  May Almighty help us in this life. 

Everything is temporary in this world. Our hardships and difficulties have its limits. The good and blessing we see, one day may perish. Some of the people the Almighty  sends our way can also be a test for us. 

Some people are blessing in our lives like our parents. And treating and honoring parents is a very good deed. Some people come into our life to teach us lessons, and then their time ends with us. Everyone comes to us with a purpose even if that purpose maybe for a short time. And if we may feel alone, remember that the Almighty is always with us.