Don't drain your energy

Sometimes, no matter how nice, kind, caring and loving u are, it just isn't enough for some people.

Because doesn't know your worth, Should be realised if you're gone. 

You walk around here trying to be sweet to everybody How can you be sweet to somebody and you ain't even sweet to yourself? Just be true to youself & she or he will surely give it back to you more than what you expect .

In life, you can be a good person and do good things.  Some people will do you wrong, say bad  things to you and expect you to respond to them.    They can say terrible things about you, and expect you to respond to them.  Don't do it.  Do not go down to their level.   Don't drain your energy or waste your time responding to some types of people.   You have the power over you.  Keep moving forward in life.  They are not your concern.

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