Beauty is only skin deep It's what you got inside that count

A person becomes 10 times more attractive not by their looks but by their acts of kindness, respect, honesty and by the loyalty they show.

I love people for these features, but the world we live in looks at the face and body first. If that is not some kind of beautiful they go no further and never know their kindness, respect, honesty and loyalty.

Beauty is only skin deep. It's what you got inside that count. The most beautiful, precious body part a person have is their heart ❤ if they decide to share it with others.

Just remember to be Kind to yourself, Honest to yourself,  Loyal and Respectful of yourself because you can't help others properly if you don't take care of you first.

Looks fade but a true friends heart will never change. Sadly, today many people just look at the outside attraction without giving enough attention to the inner person and who they really are. 

I've been bending backwards for people my whole life. Give my all and heart to anyone. But still very alone. God is with us all the time maybe tomorrow or the next day the right people will come into our lives dont lose hope!

Honesty is so very important, along with kindness and loyalty to ourselves and our friendships.  A person become or looks more beautiful because of their characters, and captive more attention. Beauty is only skin deep; but ugliness goes clear to the bone!!!
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