Being Raised Right, Your Manners and Respect

Being “raised right” doesn’t mean you don’t drink, party, and smoke. Being raised right is how you treat people, your manners & respect.

Treating people with respect & having good manners define us.  Not our education or family background.  Each one has a responsibility to develop our own character & personality.  Parents are always a great help to groom us when we are young.  But what will become of us is in our own hands.

Teaching this to my kids since this was so poorly demonstrated for me. Breaking a cycle of abuse. My kids are gifts from God, I'm truly blessed God chose me to be their mom. My kids are incredible Lacking in modern day society my parents taught me to respect people and that politeness cost nothing and to mind my manners and that thankYou and please came free. I'm glad my parents raised me in a way that a parent should raised their children,God fearing and respectful to people's inspite of differences and beleifs.

Being raised right does mean you don’t drink party and smoke You should always treat people with respect also. Your parents teach you manners and respect. Being disrespectful because someone else is doesnt make sense. We need to be the bigger person.

The people around me will tell who i am and what i am  ,,as you grow older ,,you yourself will be the only one who' ll show what attitude you have. Fortunately, how you treat people isn't a result of how you were raised.  There's plenty who are decide to love regardless of how bad they were raised. It's a simple choice.
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