Living Life To The Fullest With No Regrets

I am so blessed , I have a wonderful family. My regret is that I live too far away to see them often. I love my family through good and bad,even when we do not agree sometimes,but deep down we LOVE each other.

Sometimes you have to distance yourself for your own mental health. I do not believe family has the right to poison you with their toxic words and behavior forever. Too many lives are destroyed by staying in a family that rips them apart piece by piece.

Some times you have no choice for self preservation!

It is hard but be the better person. At least when it is your time,you will have no regrets and no guilt. You will be free and happy. I ask God everynight to surround me with the white light of protection and keep evil away from me and my thoughts.

If they don’t care enough to be in my life now, if I don’t deserve a phone call or visit while I’m alive . Don’t come to my funeral.
I dont speak after people have hurt me and wont own up to the fact that you hurt me very much!  I'll forgive but cant get close again!  Never will trust them again!

Family no longer means what it once did. I am having to expand my definition and accept the change to ease my pain but in doing so it creates a new kind of pain. Hurts either way.
If people are toxic you should remove them from your circle. It doesn’t matter to me if they are family (some people think like this).
Sometimes there is a very good reason to keep your distance. It is self preservation. No regrets.
Not everyone has family members that even allow for the possibility of any change. If they are truly toxic and do not ever want to change, there is nothing anyone can do.
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