GrandChild Say I Love You, Much Better Than Winning The Lottery

I love when my great grandchildren say it "I lv u". It melts my heart.

Sounds beautiful and feels blessed and happy when u hear ur grand children say to you *i love u* It melts my heart we I hear this ❤️ It makes my day when one of our kids or grandkids stop in.  Love them all so much!  It is amazing. I absolutely love hanging out with them and listen to them tell me about there life’s and work.

Love spending time with our grown-up kids.  They are great human beings! I love that my kids love having me with them. We have reached that stage where we are best friends and I don’t have to mother them. I’ve done my time. 

More than I thought I could ever Love.  When grandkids tell me "I Love you Granma"  I look straight in their eyes and say the say right back to them.

Hearing your grandson say, “I love you grandma”, is like winning the lottery a hundred times. Saying “ I love you grandson “ is the best feeling in the world. I love my grandson so very much!❤️

I'm blessed to have grandchildren in my life love them all the same. And my grandsons and my great grandson. Love you to the moon and back your always in my ❤.

Oh I wish I could hear my grandkids say I Love You every day and could see them every day.

Most of our grand babies are getting up in age. They really don't understand how much a hug or a kiss on the old cheek can mean to a old man like me. I still love them all with all my heart. God Bless them all and thank you my Lord.💞