GrandChild Say I Love You, Much Better Than Winning The Lottery

I love when my great grandchildren say it "I lv u". It melts my heart.

More than I thought I could ever Love.  When grandkids tell me "I Love you Granma"  I look straight in their eyes and say the say right back to them.

Hearing your grandson say, “I love you grandma”, is like winning the lottery a hundred times. Saying “ I love you grandson “ is the best feeling in the world. I love my grandson so very much!❤️

Oh I wish I could hear my grandkids say I Love You every day and could see them every day.

I'm blessed to have grandchildren in my life love them all the same. And my grandsons and my great grandson. Love you to the moon and back your always in my ❤.

Most of our grand babies are getting up in age. They really don't understand how much a hug or a kiss on the old cheek can mean to a old man like me. I still love them all with all my heart. God Bless them all and thank you my Lord.💞