Die With No Regrets

I would never disown any of my family regardless of what they do I just pray for them. You don't have to be best friends with them. Find forgiveness in your heart and just move on.  Forgiveness helps you. If your family don't want to know you, that's their loss not mine. Love the family that do want to know you. Family is supposed to be your safe place in any circumstance. Learn to forgive and love.
This is so very true family members need to take heed to this when a family member is alive come around or go see family or call spend time together  but when that family members passes aways dont come see them thats bein fake and phony. That person cant see or here u they are gone this gos out to all my family members.

Also it depends on what your family is like. Sometimes it’s the best outcome to get rid of toxic individuals.
It depends on the situation! Sometimes,one is left with no other alternative to erase " Toxic" situations for the sake of " future" generations (if children are involved)

if they're toxic best to be removed from your life so you can stay healthy..especially when they refuse to hear the truth... not my fault and not my problem..
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