Wrap your memories of me in your heart

I want my children to know & never forget They always will be deeply loved by me - Amen to that I love my grand kids and my greatgrand kids with all my heart and I hope that they all know how much they mean to me.

It is always good to let them know that I love them, life is so uncertain and we do not know what tomorrow brings.

I love my family with all that is within me unconditionally until all my tomorrows are no more!! I thank God for them every day!!

This is one of my most favorite quotes. One that I want my children to always remember and carry in their hearts.

There are no words to Express  my love for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  They are my life. I know they all know without a doubt how happy they make me. Love you forever Mom. 

I would give up my life for my children if they needed a transplant of any kind I would do it in a minute. 
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