Sacrificial Love

True words: True and God gives more blessings to these kind of people. Prooven! When someone helps u & they're struggling too, that's not help that's love - Special people always try to help other people although they're battling.

Thank you for the sacrifices you've made when you are helping so many of your family and friends.   God surely does multiply goodness. It's your turn to receive now.  Love you.

Praying for one another is a good way to help each other.  That is love.

Wish all members of my family and some of my friends knew this statement.  Maybe they would understand.

Remember the one that stands by you no matter what! that's your true friend always & forever!🤗

Also be careful who you help because everybody don't have the same heart and love that you have in your heart!

It's funny how people don't appreciate anything.  They take, lie, and never show up again.  Guess it's a good way of God showing one that those people are on the BAD list of people.

No matter how hard a time you are going through there is someone going through a worse time! Never give up! Even a small word of Encouragement helps!

I know a couple like that. You know who you are.💕. I appreciate you more than you know. And besides you are wonderful people with a great big heart.
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