My parents were the best I could ever ask for

Respect your parents and
be thankful : I miss my mom and daddy. Wish I could tell them again how much I miss them. They were so awesome. I love them so much. My mom sacrificed a lot for me. My dad loved everyone. I'm always thankful for my parents my dad was the best man I know. I had a wonderful Dad & Mom and my memories about them are vivid & sweet.

I was blessed with parents that loved me we're always with me.  Taught me right from wrong. We didn't have a lot of things, but we had a lot of love. I miss them always.
How lucky you are to be able to say this & have such an enduring and beautiful memory of your parents.

Never stop doing things for your kids they and their children are the most important people in your life
Love them all.

I do respect and love them. Very thankful for my Grandparents on both sides🙏🏻❤️

I thank my parents for teaching me strength to face all that came to me in my life. They were so strong and never gave up or abandon us kids.

To those who still have your parents, cherish the time you have with them! 
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