Anxiety and panic attack, Keep the faith and be strong

Anxiety attack/panic attack : Keep the faith and be strong and it's true nobody understand till it happens to them and l have my good days and bad days but l try with God's helps to get through it and l am proud of you yes l am proud of anyone who has been able to do this alone or with the help of someone who cares about them Ameen Thank you.

You can beat this or let it beat you! Don’t let it become a crutch.
Just tell it to do its worst - it will retreat rapidly in the face of opposition.
I know very well how it feels.  Those who don't can be very critical. The worst ones are those that strike in the middle of the night. Yes I have those anxiety attacks often, sometimes I'm woken up by an attack. I drink ice cold water, it helps and I breathe in to a small brown paper bag that helps too. This is so true for I have bad anxiety and I have just lately had the worst panic attack ever asked for New Year’s but it sucks nobody knows it until you have one it’s hard to explain to people.

It's bad enough if you hae chemical depression, but then add situational trauma and here comes the anxiety attacks.  Once you get the depression under control, I find the anxiety attacks lessens.
About the only way I could was to lay down, close my eyes and relax as much as I could...eventually they would subside.

I have dealt with both through the years and it’s very scary when it happens & don’t know what’s going on with your body and mind. 
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