A warm hug is always a sign of love

One day someone is going to hug you so tight, that all of your broken pieces will fit back together. It's happened to me and I'm so fortunate, lucky but most of all grateful.
Everyone needs a genuine warm tight hug including me🤗

I send all my tight hugs to all my family wishing I could take all they're worries and pain away and praying for many blessings.

That's what im waiting for to hug me so very tight specially from my children and to the people who truly loves me.

I wish that my children will do often to us on our last chapters in life. Lord your will be done.

The thing is I don't need anyone to hold me tight and fix me I was strong enough to fix myself .
If you have faith in yourself and the right mind set you can achieve anything. Every time I was knocked down I just came back stronger.