There is no greater love than a mother's love

Mothers don't fear death. Their greatest fear is leaving their children in this world, knowing no one will love them like her!

Mother's Love - Image via LOL Reads

When my children were young I used to pray that I did not die before I taught them how to take care of themselves. Thankfully they’re all grown up now.

That was my pray when my children were small, I thank God for letting me see them all grown up. He gives you more than you deserve. I have seen  grandchildren grown up also  Thank again Lord Amen 🙏🙌

It also true, their greatest fear is losing their child and when that happens as it did to me your greatest fear is how do I go on! But you do for the child you lost!

No one ever loved me the way my parents did and no one will ever love my kids the way I do.

My prayer was always just let me see them grown and have some one that will love them just as I did.

My MOM always loved me more than anyone I have or will ever know for the rest of my natural born life. The only one could love them more than me is God! I pray and thank God every day !

No one can love you like your mother. Remember that. Even though my kids are grown up I would die for them. I’ve always and will always put them first they didn’t ask to be born.

You better believe it. I don’t fear death, I fear not being with my children. 😪

No one will ever love you as much as your Parents did for the whole of your life.

Mothers are so special. Their Unconditional Love is just out of this world. My mother is a awesome person, she is  patient,loved her family. She always laugh at  whatever I said, whether it was  funny or  not. Love you Mom.
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