Listen to your body and mind about your needs to be healthy

When u are resting because you are exhausted, u need to remember that u are not wasting the day doing nothing. U are doing exactly what you need to do..U are recovering.
Unless you suffer from severe depression. Then U are allowing yourself to sink deeper into the darkness. Spoken from experience.  Just saying.

Never feel guilty or justify to others about your self-care. Listen to your body and mind about your needs to be healthy. Then do it.

We all need to relax but easier said than done, need. Sleep badly, exhausted but can't sleep, my mind goes into overdrive.

I cannot seem to get enough sleep!  There are things not getting done. Becauae my body just wants more sleep!

We so very needed to hear this today ... the guilt i've always felt when spending a day vegging on the couch is hard to overcome!
Caregivers most especially need to heed this truth.  We sometimes have to get our sleep in snatches.  It’s vital to take care of ourselves so we are effective servants to our calling.